With our roots in community development and venture capitalism, we couldn’t imagine developing renewable energy projects without both of these elements at the heart of what we do.  In fact, our entre into the business was through a group of farmers in rural Minnesota. They were being inundated with corporate developers seeking to sign their land up through a 50-year wind lease.  They said it just didn’t feel right to commit not only their rights, but also their heir’s rights, for such a long period of time to a company that they have no ties to at all. 

And so the question was asked, “What if the community takes part in the project company – after all, won’t the project be built in the community?”

In the summer of 2004, Jeffers Wind Energy Center was established. This 50 MW wind project was ultimately sold to a large corporate power producer and has been operating since 2008.  These landowners participated financially in both the sale of the project and in annual turbine revenues still being generated today.

  National Renewable Solution's Portfolio Map - 2016

National Renewable Solution's Portfolio Map - 2016

National Renewable Solutions has maintained its focus on the community development model and has a proven successful development history of approximately 762 MW, and currently manages over 1,200 MW of renewable energy “development-stage” projects in six states. 

Our efficient and highly credible staff has distinct expertise ranging from project finance, resource assessment, and real estate, to interconnection and transmission planning, GIS, permitting and environmental mitigation for a variety of renewable resources – such as wind, solar and hydrogen production. We take pride in our ability to run our company and the projects we manage as efficiently and creatively as possible, so as to maximize the value of these assets.

Because after all, these projects are being developed to maximize the value of the community in which they’re built.