The National Renewable Solutions
Solar Development Team

has successfully completed PV projects
capable of powering up to
17,150 homes annually.

We use our expertise in site selection, real estate, local permitting, environmental evaluation, interconnection studies, project management, and flexible deal structure to deliver the most economical offerings to our customers
(utility partners, municipal, cooperative, corporate).

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LANDOWNERS: We are actively pursuing 2-20 acres sites in New Jersey, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, New Mexico and Georgia for single site distributed solar projects. Depending on your preference, we can sign a long-term lease that provides you annual revenue or would be glad to purchase all or part of the property up front. If you are interested in exploring options for a solar development on your land, please contact Troy Bushman, or use our
Contact Form below.

Ground-mounted solar projects between 1MW and 10MW in size can be can be sited and operated directly where the generated power is needed, and they can avoid costly transmission upgrades and lengthy transmission queue timelines. NRS focuses on bringing these projects to communities that take pride in locally-sited, 'home-grown' renewable energy.



NRS specializes in bundling multiple distribution-scale projects that are located in a similar geographic area into a larger single portfolio which allows for competitive energy economics, bringing the lowest cost of energy while keeping all the benefits of distribution-scale facilities. This is a tailored solution for cooperatives of municipal or rural utilities, single utilities with large service territories, or large C&I customers with multiple locations.

Contact Brad Wilson or Ty Severson for more information on these projects, or use the Contact Form below.



NRS combines its experience developing large-scale wind facilities with its expertise in solar development to support development of single-site utility-scale (20MW+) solar projects. These facilities can offer the very best energy economics for utilities or C&I customers with large annual electricity needs.

Contact Ty Severson or Brad Wilson for information regarding these projects - or use the Contact Form below.


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